Independence Day Of Bangladesh March 26, 2023

Following the Partition of British India in 1947, Dhaka became the capital of East Pakistan. Increasing political and cultural friction with West Pakistan gave rise to the secular Bengali nationalist movement in the 1950s. The Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971 established Bangladesh as an independent country and Dhaka its national capital. Other nations may possibly transform their capitals for political motives. For instance, Egypt is shifting its capital mainly because the military, which place the current government in energy, stands to advantage from the construction and subsequent buying and promoting of properties in the new city.

For instance, joining hands with Mediacom, a single of the major telecom businesses of Bangladesh Robi have been able to strengthen its position in this sector. From 2011 to 2014, Mediacom planned and executed some of the most praiseworthy and helpful campaigns of Robi in ATL, BTL and Digital Media. Some of these campaigns incorporated integrated campaigns like “Ebaar Hobe”, “Jaamdani”, “Deshpremik”, “Eid e Notun Jaama” and so on.

Official journal of the Bangladesh Society of Healthcare Microbiologists . This journal invites authors and reviewers to register with the journal. Bangladesh Journal of Botany is the official organ of the Bangladesh Botanical Society established in 1972.

Pakistani operations in the west lacked strategic direction and had been not mutually supporting. If the Pakistanis had hoped to save East Pakistan by winning the war in the west, they ought to have launched a blitzkrieg-style attack aimed at capturing a substantial chunk of Indian territory. Rather than winning the war, the Pakistani offensive in the west price the nation thousands of casualties and hundreds of vehicles, permitting India to significantly enhance its tactical predicament. The nation’s triumph was the result of many components, the very first of which was cautious planning and organization.

Furthermore, he had an obligation to frame the constitution of the country. And Bangabandhu was really thriving in framing the constitution inside the shortest doable time, as compared to other newly emerged countries. Amongst numerous, it was one particular of the most considerable achievements of Bangabandhu during his short stay in office. He as a result stimulated his fellow-countrymen to stand up against the oppression of the Pakistani Junta and engage in the liberation war. Right after feeling the heat in the battle, the Pakistani Junta staged a fraudulent trial to sentence Bangabandhu with a death penalty. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s known as for non-violent non-cooperation and civil disobedience movements had been becoming a part of every day life, for the folks of the East Bangla.

As the nation’s capital, Dhaka saw a rapid and huge growth of the city population in the post-independence period, as migrant workers from rural regions across Bangladesh moved to the city. The growth of commerce and business along with the city’s population has developed additional challenges to services and infrastructure. A true estate boom has followed the expansion of city limits and the improvement of new settlements such as Uttara, Mohammadpur, Bashundhara, Mirpur and Motijheel. Dhaka is the largest city in Bangladesh as well as the capital city, located in the central component of the country, southern Asia, in a beautiful and fruitful plane between the rivers of Padma and Meghna.

It was in the Medieval Age, that Bengali language genuinely located its expression. A collection of lyrical poems composed by the Buddhist Monks identified as ‘Charjapada’ is supposed to be the earliest specimen of Bengali literature. The Buddhist Monks composed those poems throughout the reigns the Pala and the Sena kings. The period upto the twelfth century was known as the ancient period of Bengali literature. The Buddhist kings of the Pala dynasty patronized language, literature, art and culture. A Bengali book by the name ‘Sadukti Karnamrita’ was written in the ancient Bengal.

Fifty years ago this week, Indian armed forces marched into Dhaka in what was then known as East Pakistan. Properly-armed and far more various Pakistani troops were demoralized, as they have been surrounded by the Indian Army and, importantly, also by the Mukti Bahini, as Bangladesh’s freedom fighters had been called url. Bangladesh government began operating “Swadhin Bangla Beter Kendra” and its news, attributes and songs enthused people of in refugee camps, freedom fighters and those stranded in occupied country. Quantity of news bulletins had been published in diverse regions of Bangladesh.

When the West attempted to impose Urdu as the official language in the East, a linguistic-cultural opposition movement started. In 1947, the area of Bengal was divided along religious lines. The mainly Muslim eastern half was referred to as East Pakistan and became part of Pakistan. The largely Hindu western portion was component of the country of India and was the state West Bengal.

Tikka Khan had arrived in Dhaka a few days just after the non-cooperation movement had started, to take up the dual role of Governor and Martial Law Administrator for the Eastern aspect. Lastly he decided to be formally sworn in as Governor and summoned the chief justice of East Bangla for the purpose of administering the oath. This proved that Bangabandhu’s directives had been getting obeyed even at that leading level.

Merchants, pilgrims and voyagers traversed Bengal to travel to Nepal and Tibet. Bengal’s waterways have been a spot where a variety of peoples interacted. In 1346, the Moroccan voyager Ibn Battuta followed the trade route by means of Sri Lanka when he traveled to Bengal from the Maldives in 1346. In the 1300s Bengal traded its paddy for cowries from the Maldives.

Bangladesh was governed by a military junta led by the Chief Martial Law Administrator for three years. Rahman reinstated multiparty politics, privatised industries and newspapers, established BEPZA and held the country’s second basic election in 1979. A semi-presidential program evolved, with the Bangladesh Nationalist Party governing till 1982. Rahman was assassinated in 1981 and was succeeded by Vice-president Abdus Sattar. Sattar received 65.5 per cent of the vote in the 1981 presidential election.

The Bangladeshi government says that the price hike of consumer goods has been connected to the international market, and it won’t go down till the international market is stable once more. Official information on the progress of the epidemic in Bangladesh is consolidated by the Directorate Basic of Wellness Solutions. The agency delivers a daily epidemiological update, which consists of essential national figures. The fiscal deficit widened to five.1 percent of GDP, slightly above the customary target, driven by larger spending for subsidies and existing social protection money transfers and lower than targeted revenue collection. Higher international oil, gas, and commodity prices resulted in an improve in inflation to six.2 percent in the fiscal year 2022 from 5.six percent a year earlier.